Who leads the classes for Flex Academies?

Flex Academies identifies and partners with great vendors and instructors in the area to provide outstanding classes and enrichment experiences. These instructors bring years of experience and their enthusiasm for teaching to each afterschool class. By contracting with these experts, we can work with your PTA to provide quality programming at your school site.

What activities are being offered at my school?

Flex provides a variety of activities each session to encourage your child to participate and enjoy themselves. Please visit flexacademies.com for the specific classes being offered at your school.

How do I sign up my child for an afterschool activity?

Sign up with Flex occurs online with three simple steps:
  1. Create an account for your family so that we can get information about your child(ren) and important contact information.
  2. Select and enroll your child(ren) in a class (or classes) at your school.
  3. Pay for your class electronically. Class enrollment must include payment to secure a place in the selected class.

When can I register my child for Flex Academies at my school?

Registration for classes occurs before the start of each session and runs until the session begins or classes are filled. Please check with your PTA or contact us for your exact registration date and time.

What if I do not have access to online technology to register?

Flex encourages all families to use our online registration system to register their children quickly and avoid problems. However, if you need to register by paper, please download the Registration Form (one per student) and the Permission and Waiver Agreement (one per school). Students are not officially registered until we have received payment for classes.

Can I enroll my child after the session has begun?

Yes; however, please be aware that Flex Academies cannot prorate the course cost.

What if the class I want is filled?

For the enjoyment and safety of our students, Flex sets a maximum number of students for each class. If the class reaches its maximum, we will create a wait list and enroll students as space becomes available; we may also add a second class. We recommend that you consider another class in case we cannot accommodate your child this session.

Will there be additional supply fees for any of these activities?

The class fee includes all equipment and materials. The instructors have purchased any necessary materials (such as food for the cooking activity) and those costs have been factored into the price for each individual participant. However, please be aware that some classes are facilitated by students providing equipment from home, such as digital cameras or tennis rackets. If students are asked to provide such equipment, it will be detailed in the class description.

Are there scholarships for families in need of financial assistance?

A core principle of the Flex partnership is that after school programming should be open to all students and cost should not be a deterrent. Scholarships are available both through the PTA and the School to qualifying students. Please contact your PTA for more information. All requests will be kept confidential.

What is the Flex registration fee?

Each student pays an annual Flex Academies registration fee of $15. This fee covers the costs of setting up a registration and payment account for the student.

What is the cancellation policy?

Flex Academies will be happy to provide a full refund for any reason before the first class. If you notify Flex of your intent to cancel before the second class, Flex will move your child to another activity or provide a credit towards a future activity. After the second class, no refunds will be given.

How can I use a credit from a previous session?

If you were given a credit in an earlier Flex session, that amount will be reflected in your account details. Please call 240-452-0411 if you require further assistance. Also, please note that credits are only valid for the school year in which they are given, and any unused portion of the credit WILL NOT be returned.

What is Flex Academies’ Weather Cancellation Policy?

Flex Academies will do everything in its power to ensure that classes are held as scheduled; however, in the event that classes are cancelled due to bad weather or other unforeseen school closures, your student will be entitled to only one (1) makeup class and we do not provide a refund in this event.

What if my child has special needs or requirements?

Flex Academies is committed to providing an enriching afterschool experience for all students. We contract with trained instructors and vendors who are skilled at working with a variety of students. Please note any special needs in the registration process under medical info or notes, or contact us at 240-257-2832 or judy@flexacademies.com to talk further about the appropriateness of a class for your child.

Flex Academies’ No Snack Policy

To ensure the safety of our students with allergies, children will not be permitted to eat snacks of any kind during any Flex Academies activity. Any snacks consumed must comply with School policy and occur before or after any Flex Academies’ activity and outside of the designated classroom, gym, or field of play.